Decorative Gypsum Ceiling

Why do you need a false ceiling?

A residential and commercial building is incomplete without a proper roof. A roof is the topmost and an important part of the building offering protection from the elements such as wind, high or low temperatures, sunlight, snow and rain. Besides providing protection, the bottom of the roof serves as a place where occupants of a building can exhibit their aesthetic sense by creating attractive false ceilings using decorative ceiling panels that can in addition to aesthetics.

False ceilings also offer functional features that enhance their utility in more ways than one. For instance, false ceilings provide good acoustics where required sounds can be enhanced and at the same time unwanted sounds can be minimized. They provide space for housing electric wires, pipes, and air-conditioning ducts. False ceilings can reflect and diffuse light obviating the need for unnecessary artificial lighting thus lowering energy consumption. The ceiling panels offer fire safety and moisture resistance features as well.

  • Pop false ceiling
    Gypsum is a sulphate of calcium available as an evaporite mineral. It is a popular material for false ceilings because of its thermal and sound insulation, lightweight and fire resistance properties. It is also a soft material. Square gypsum boards can be hung from an iron framework to build a false ceiling. Gypsum is quite flexible and can easily provide different shape and texture options – with plain, curved, stepped with desired shape and design offered
  • Gypsum Board False Ceiling
    Gypsum board consists of a core of set gypsum surfaced with specifically manufactured paper firmly bonded to the core. It is designed to be used without the addition of plaster on walls, ceilings, or partitions and provides a surface suitable to receive either paint or paper.
  • Suspended false ceiling
    Fibre false ceilings are also known as acoustic or soundproofing ceilings systems for their sound and heat protection, fibre ceiling tiles acquire toughness, hardness and resistance to fire making them highly suitable for noisy atmosphere such as shopping malls, retail showrooms and offices.
  • Wooden False Ceiling
    Wood, one of the most used and popular interior and exterior decoration materials. Wood can be used to create a beautiful false ceiling for your room. Its main benefit is that it can be cut into any shape and size before being used.
  • Suspended Metal Ceiling Tiles.
    The metal ceiling panels are manufactured in different sizes and shapes for ceiling work. they are fixed on a steel metal grid which is supported by a cross or T section hung from the ceiling roof. It is the most durable and long-lasting material compared to others. the thickness of metal panels is generally in the range of 0.4 mm to 1 mm used for false ceiling work. the range of product Clip-in tiles for concealed grid ceiling, exposed grid ceiling, the metal surface coating is in the form of power which is utilized in aluminium and steel false ceilings. the shape of metal panels used for the false ceiling is square type or plank type or perforated type.